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Filamentphp testing with Pest Call to undefined function Pest\Livewire\livewire()

In this article, I will show you Filamentphp testing with Pest Call to undefined function Pest\Livewire\livewire for you.

Z plugin for Fish Shell

If you are using fish terminal and you are z plugin, this post may help you.

Switch PHP version on Mac with fish terminal

If you're using the Fish shell (`/usr/local/bin/fish`) on your Mac, you need to source the Fish configuration file to update the environment variables.

List of the format for date commands in Bash Script

In Bash, you can use the `date` command to format dates and times in a variety of ways. Here are some common format codes that you can use with the `date` command

Set up a new MacBook.

If we have a new machine and need to set up the development environment, you might need a few hours to set up. However, I personally use a script that can help me to set up a new machine within an hour.

How to enable mermaid or html directive with marp in VS code

If you are using marp in vscode, and you have issue to render with mermaid js, or if you want to use html directive in your slide, then this tips might be helpful for you.

How to enable key repeats on your Mac

If you want to enable key repeats on your Mac, follow the steps down below-

How to set fish as default on MacOS

If you are curious to know exactly how to set the [fish]( as a default terminal behaviour on your Mac, here is the simple command that you can use.

How to get PayPal Access Token with cURL?

Hey, if you are curious to know how to get PayPal access token with cURL, then this post might be helpful for you.

Pass query string in Laravel Pagination globally

If you often need to pass query string in laravel imagination, I believe passing query string globally will be the best choice instead of passing in every method. Here is how you can pass query string globally.