Hello. I’m Thouhedul Islam. Some people also know me as Suchi.

I am a Full-stack Developer. I love to play with PHP specially Laravel, JavaScript, MySql and latest web technology. Currently I am working for CartX as my day time job.

At night I love to solve problem for community. I am quite active at Laracasts

Integrate PayPal Plus on Laravel 8

Oct 20, 2020
If you are interested to integrate [PayPal plus](https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/paypal-plus/mexico-brazil/paypal-plus-integration-guide-mexico-brazil/) with Laravel 8, this tutorial wil...
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How to Install Horizon in Laravel

Oct 03, 2020
Hey, If you are curious to know how to install horizon and how to use in on Laravel local application, this post may help you figure it out. ## What is Horizon? According to the documentati...
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How to define Custom Laravel Helper Function

May 09, 2020
If you are curious to define custom helper function in Laravel, this post will guide you the step by step process that how to create your custom helper function in your laravel application. Out of the...
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Video of Laracon Online 2020

May 01, 2020
Hey The videos of Laracon Online 2020 is open now. If you are interested to watch, feel free to visit the link- https://vimeo.com/showcase/laracononline
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