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Laravel where() and orWhere() condition together for one column

If you are in a situation where you need to use Laravel `where()` and `orWhere()` condition together for one column, this tip might be helpful for you. Let's dig into a real life scenario.

How to add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header response in Laravel

There are few ways to add `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` in header response in Laravel globally. However, I will show you the easiest way to add CORS that I have discovered recently.

Handle Laravel Cors via Middleware

If you want to handle Laravel Cors via middleware, here is the way to do that-

Why ActingAs Not working in Laravel API Testing

You may come across this post because of your `actingAs()` is not working with Laravel API Testing. I discovered the error of why it was happening with me also.

Fix allowed memory size exhausted in Laravel or Lumen

If you suddenly face PHP Fatal error - Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted (tried to allocate bytes) in Lumen or Laravel, there are few ways to solve this issue.

React JS 'Component' is not defined no-undef

If you suddenly face issue in your React JS that 'Component' is not defined no-undef, then you need to make sure that you imported react js like that way.

Laravel add column in migration file after in any specific column

To add a new column in laravel migration file after in any specific column, follow this step.

How to get the route method type in Laravel

If you want to get the method type in Laravel, I believe this would be one of the easiest way.

Laravel handle Guzzle Error

If you have ever face such kinds of the issue where you are trying use `getStatusCode()` is guzzle, however, you are always getting default laravel error page, then this post will help you.

TinyMCE error this domain is not registered with Tiny Cloud

If you are planning to integrate Tiny WYSIWYG editor in your textarea, you might able to see this error __This domain is not registered with Tiny Cloud. Start a free trial to discover our premium cloud services and pro support.__.