Clean Architecture in PHP | Part 1

Clean Architecture in PHP | Part 1

Posted on:August 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Suddenly I feel to improve my knowledge about Clean architecture in PHP. As of, I started reading some books, tutorials, and screencasts. There are lots of content around the internet. I plan to write my extractions that I have learned from those sources. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you. Today, I will share in what context clean PHP architecture is suitable for your project.

First comes in my mind that, what’s exactly the clean architecture? Well, I come out with four points from my extraction-

  1. Testable Code
  2. Refactorable Code
  3. Easy to work with the Code
  4. Easy to maintain the Code

So, in order to maintain some clean architecture in PHP, the code should follow the above types of quality.

Now, in what context we have to apply the clean architecture? Does this clean architecture concept fit in small, or medium or large scale application?

Well, based on my understanding of consuming some content, the small types of application or startup needs to launch as fast as possible into the market. The target of a small application is to reach the targeted audience door as soon as possible. Contrary, clean architecture leads to writing some qualities code.

So, my suggestion is to grow, or becomes successful on your startup, later applying these clean architecture principles may be a good idea to create a solid, long-lasting product.

On the other hand, those products are already on the market and have a good amount of users, they can easily apply the Clean Architecture to make it more maintainable because Writing maintainable code this way will slow a developer down until the methods become familiar to them.

I will stop here today. With the time being, I will write more about the clean architecture in PHP.

Thank you.