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Markdown Explained - Benefits, Uses, and Capabilities

Markdown is a lightweight markup language used to format text in a plain text editor for easy conversion to HTML. It was originally created by [John Gruber](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gruber) in 2004 as a way to write and format content for the web in a simple and readable way.

How to increase key-repeat speed for Mac

If you want to know how to protect API with [Laravel Sanctum](https://laravel.com/docs/9.x/sanctum) by following the TDD

Re - Understanding People | Misunderstandings, effective communication, and self-reflection

I would love to share with you one interesting article written by [Jose Maria Valera Reales](https://twitter.com/Chemaclass). I cannot stop myself to share this wonderful post. It's small and preciously discussed the topic.

Tips - 9 Lessons That Made Me a Better Remote Worker

If you work as a remote developer or planning to work like that way, surely the path is not easy as like as it sounds. You will be deactivated every single day and facing a lot of issues because of loneliness, communication issues.

How I Stay Focused and Productive While Working Remotely

Personally, I work remotely. Working remotely sounds fun, behind the scene, of course, there are many obstacles. In most of the cases, cannot be onboarding since flexibility and freedom.