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Hello. I’m Thouhedul Islam. Some people also know me as Suchi.

I am a Full-stack Developer. I love to play with PHP especially Laravel, JavaScript, MySql, and the latest web technology. Currently, I am working for GLEIF as my day time job.

At night I love to solve problems for the community. I love to be active at Laracasts.

Latest Articles

Re: Best practices for writing code comments

4 months ago
Hey Buddy. I found **9 Rules** for writing comments on code. **Rule 1: Comments should not duplicate the code.** **Rule 2: Good comments do not excuse unclear code.** **Rule 3: If you ca...

VS Code VIM daily practice

6 months ago
Hey, I practice these **Key binding** in my day-to-day basis work with VIM and VS Code. ## Switching Tabs | Command | Keyboard Shortcuts | |:------------|:----------------------| | S...

How to install Brew on Mac

6 months ago
Here is the step-by-step process how to install Brew on Mac. type below: ``` brew update brew install redis ``` To have launchd start redis now and restart at login: ``` brew services s...

Re: Automatically deploy on Server from Bitbucket and Github

7 months ago
If you are looking for a way how to do automatically deploy on the server from **BitBucket** and **GitHub**, I found an interesting article for that. It's pretty useful and handy. >Git auto-deploym...

Laravel 8 database factory not found!

11 months ago
For some reason, if you change the model directory in laravel 8, you may face issues with creating the factory. It will show you the following error- ``` Class 'Database\Factories\Your\Directory\M...

How to install RabbitMQ on Mac

1 year ago
For some reason, if you need to install RabbitMQ on Mac, then this post will help you. ## Install RabbitMQ I will use [homebrew]( for installing rabbitMQ. If you don't have homeb...

How to install VueJS via Laravel mix on non-laravel project?

1 year ago
Hey, If you are curious to know how to use [VueJS]( via [Laravel Mix]( on a non-laravel project, then this tutorial will help you to figure it out. FYI,...

Integrate PayPal Plus on Laravel 8

1 year ago
If you are interested to integrate [PayPal plus]( with Laravel 8, this tutorial wil...

How to Install Horizon in Laravel

1 year ago
Hey, If you are curious to know how to install horizon and how to use in on Laravel local application, this post may help you figure it out. ## What is Horizon? According to the documentati...

Real life implementation of Manager pattern on Laravel

1 year ago
Hey, I was watching a talk by [Yaz Jallad]( about **I'd Like To Speak To Your Manager** on [Laravel Meetup]( He explained the manager p...