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Understand the Laravel Container Concept with Real Life Example

Understand the Laravel Container Concept with Real Life Example and how it's work under the hood.

Write Phpunit Test for Filament PHP Resource

Officially filament php use pest for testing purpose. All the example of it's documentation is depends on PEST which might be bit challenging for developers (like me) those are not used to pest. In this post, I will show you how can you write tests for a resources via phpunit.

Optimize Laravel Queries & Reduce Memory Usage for Faster Performance

Today I will show you how can I optimize Laravel Queries and reduce memory uses to making our application faster. I will use laravel sub-query and database raw query to make such kind of improvements.

Way to reduce email Bounce and Spam number for Newsletter in Laravel

Handling email bounce and spam rate lower is really hard when you manage email newsletter or sign-up for a laravel application. Recently I faced such a challenge to reduce the bounce and spam rate lower. Believe me, it was not easy! I spend some time to do research and found a work around. Today I will show you how I tackled this. This is a findings for my workaround.

Testing Laravel Jobs and email | Laravel Testing

Today I will show you how to test laravel job, email and email content. This must be a fun to confirm the behavior.

How I Improved Laravel Performance - 2453 Queries Down to 4 | Laravel Refactoring

I have a laravel code that actually visualize list of the users who are featured in the platform. Unfortunately this code takes 2453 queries to load this data to the admin user. Today, I will show you how to can improve it from there to only 4.

Optimize Laravel database Query from 2882 to 2 queries only | Laravel Refactoring

Building laravel dashboard will be one of the difficult tasks. The most challenging job for the dashboard is maintaining low amount of database queries, memory uses and processing time. Today, I will show you how to optimize an existing code that has 2882 number of queries for counting some stats and I will achieve the same result with the 2 queries only.

What is Serialization in Laravel

If you somehow wonder what exactly **serialization** which used at many places in laravel, this this post might help you. In this post, I would like to explain you what exactly it with a real life example. Therefore I assume it will be a easy for you to understand.

How to send Email to Subscribers When You Publish a Post on Laravel

Often we write blog post and wish to send email to subscribers automatically right after the publishing the post. This is a really cool feature for laravel blog application. However it might be tricky. In today's blog post, I will show you can build a functionalities to send email to subscribers when you publish a post in laravel 10.

How to build newsletter subscriber system on Laravel 10

In laravel, writing email newsletter section is not easy. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make newsletter section in laravel 10.

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