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Refactoring Laravel Project | Part 1

Today I am going to share with you a video where I started refactoring a random Laravel project.

Laravel Code Refactoring using when()

Today, I will show you a code refactoring tricks by using `->when()` to make your code better readable and standard.

Clean Architecture in PHP | Part 1

Suddenly I feel to improve my knowledge about Clean architecture in PHP. As of, I started reading some books, tutorials, and screencasts. There are lots of content around the internet. I plan to write my extractions that I have learned from those sources. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you. Today, I will share in what context clean PHP architecture is suitable for your project.

How to reduce condition from Model | Write Clean Code - Part 2

In this series to tutorials, my plan is to take some real-life code and try to refactor the code as much as I can. Today, I will show you how to reduce unnecessary condition from the Laravel Model.

Reduce If else in PHP | Write Clean Code - Part 1

Unfortunately, there is no unique way to write code. Although there are some set of rules of writing code, however, programmers are free to write code in their own style, especially the logical part. We often see the code that contains a lot of `if-else` statement, even __nested if-else__.

Let's do Laravel code refactoring

Let's do Laravel code refactoring