Z plugin for Fish Shell

Z plugin for Fish Shell

Posted on:September 19, 2023 at 01:00 PM

So many developers are using fish as shell terminal for mac, including me. However, there is a helpful package called z which help you to jump quickly to directories that you have visited “frequently”. I am a big fan of it. Unfortunately it was not working with fish shell.

However, after researching some time, I found an another alternative package for fish shell which is maintained by Jethrokuan.

z is a port of z for the fish shell.

z tracks the directories you visit. With a combination of frequency and recency, it enables you to jump to the directory in mind.

A pure-fish port means z is fast and fish-friendly, with tab-completions and lazy-loading. Top that off with great customizability and a small amount of added functionality.

Check details in the installation section here: