VS Code VIM daily practice

2 years ago


I practice these Key binding in my day-to-day basis work with VIM and VS Code.

Switching Tabs

Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Switch to Tab 1 command + 1
Switch to Tab 2 command + 2
Switch to Tab N command + n


Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Insert something end of line A
Insert something in after current cursor possion a
Insert something start of line I
Insert something in before current cursor possion i

Copy, Paste and Delete

Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Delete a whole line dd
Delete a whole line D
Delete a single character x
Delete end of the line from Cursor D
Delete end of the line from Cursor d + $
Delete until beginning of the line from Cursor d + ^
Delete until beginning of the line from Cursor d + 0
Copy yy
Paste p
Copy Current word yiw
Copy everything inside quote yi' (e.g. call('something-to-copy-whole'))

Highlight / Select

Sometimes, you may need to highlight or make it non-highlightable.

Command Keyboard Shortcuts
No Highlight until next search :noh
Turn off highlight completely set nohlsearch

Text Manipulating

Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Make selected word UPPERCASE U
Make selected word lowercase u

Finding / Searching

Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Bring cursor to the $ from the beginning of the line e.g. ,,LEIREC_SUCCESSOR,entity.successor.lang,$.entity.successor[].lang* f + $
Bring back the cursor to the $ from the end of the line e.g. ,,LEIREC_SUCCESSOR,entity.successor.lang,$.entity.successor[].lang** F + $


Command Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to Definition gd
Go to Help gh
Bring current line into horizontally center of your editor zz

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