How to activate Laravel Horizon on Cloudways

9 months ago


If you are wondering how to activate Laravel Horizon in Cloudways, I think these tiny tips will help you. Recently I have faced the issue of how to activate horizon in Cloudways, then I come out with this solution.

BTW, if you have issues also how to install horizon in cloudways, then you can check in the official blog post

Step 1

Login to your Cloudways account and relocate to, and choose your app.

Step 2

Go to Applications Management > Cron Job Management


Step 3

Go to Advanced section.

Then add-

1 0 * * * php /home/master/applications/<APP_NAME>/public_html/artisan horizon >> /dev/null 2>&1


Now based on your requirements, tweak the following items-

Name value Description
1 Cron Frequency Set the Cron Frequency. For example, Cron Example
2 <APP_NAME> Set your <app_name>. For example, aaaaaaaaaa

Now save. Done.

It should work.

Thanks for reading.