Welcome to the Next Design

08 Aug 2019 . Life . 273 views

Hello readers.

You may notice already that, the LS interface is already changed. We have decided to move LS to the next level for our readers. In order to provide quality content and design, we come out with the new template.

Why changing the template?

Yes, I know, changing is painful and troublesome for consumers to adjust with the newly designed template. It might be confusing for you initially, but believe me, the new theme that we have made will help you to extract the idea of articles in a better way.

What we've used?

Previously we have depends on Bootstrap for our front-end part. There was nothing wrong with bootstrap, honestly. However, we feel that it's time to use the next level of technology for our front-end. Since our backend fully depends on Laravel, we come out with the best fit latest front-end technology is Tailwind CSS. It's not that we have biased by someone individually, but honestly, we became a very big fan of TailWind. So a very big clap for Adam Wathan and Jonathan Reinink.

What is our focus?

So, our main focus in this redesigning the template is-

  • Make blog in a more presentable way
  • Make post more readable
  • Adjust font and color contrast in a gentel way.

new design of laravel school

Although we have implemented the template, however, it is not fully ready yet. Maybe you will see new tweaks over time.

Thank you for supporting us.