How to set up sub-domain in CloudWays

09 Aug 2019 . Tips and Tricks . 297 views

Cloud Ways is being popular nowadays for small and medium-size hosting. LS is hosted into the Cloud Ways also. Recently I want to set-up a sub-domain for for some particular purpose. It might be tricky for you, those don't know how to do that. Today, I will show you how to set up a sub-domain in CloudWays.

What you need?

  • Own of a domain
  • Hosting in a CloudWays


I own a domain that registered with NameCheap. Then I used Cloud Flare for CND of my website. So, technically DNS and A records are set up in the Cloud Flare.

First, go to the cloud flare and login to your account.

Then select your domain. Select domain in cloud flare

Next, click on the DNS from the top menu Select DNS in cloud flare

Then, finally, add a record as you want. For example, I want to sub-domain is like Add a sub-domain

So far we have done in the cloud flare. The next things are to set up in the cloudways. Let's do that.


Now, you need to login into your cloud ways account.

Once login, redirect to your application.

Click on Add Application button on right side top corner.

Once you click there, you will see a pop-up for creating a new application. Then choose a server from there.

Once you choose a server, you will see another box for choosing what kinds of the application you are going to install. For me, I am going to install laravel. Then put your application name. You can put anything. Then finally click on add application button.

It may take a few minutes. Once it's done, you just head into your application and then click on domain management from the left sidebar. Now set your primary domain. Please make sure you provide the same domain that you have added for your A record in cloudflare. For me, it's

All you have done. It might take up to a few hours for propagating (Not applicable in all the time).

Hope it will be helpful for you.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: This post does not represent any kind fo promotional statement or have not paid for this.