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How to install RabbitMQ on Mac

Thouhedul Islam
10 months ago

For some reason, if you need to install RabbitMQ on Mac, then this post will help you.

Install RabbitMQ

I will use homebrew for installing rabbitMQ. If you don't have homebrew installed yet, it's recommended to install it.

Now simply run in your terminal-

brew install rabbitmq

It will take some time for installing rabbitmq on your machine.

Run RabbitMQ

There are two ways to run rabbitMQ.

  • Command Line
  • In Background

Command line

To run in the command line, open the terminal and hit ~ then enter, that will bring you the root directory. Now run-


If everything goes smoothly, it will show you-

Starting broker... completed with 6 plugins.

Run from background

If you wish to run rabbitMQ in the background, then you need to run the following command-

brew services start rabbitmq

How to access?

To access rabbitMQ, open your browser and access


It will show you a login screen. Now provide the default credentials-

Username: guest

Password: guest

Thank you.

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