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How do we rewrite Sclrship?

Posted on:March 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Sclrship is one of the scholarships information providing website that has launched in 2014. Since the beginning, Sharmin (CEO & co-founder), me (co-founder) and our team are working so hard to make this platform as close as possible to the scholarship seekers. As a result, we have reached to the very good ranking in google, & Alexa. In addition, we have gained a good number of followers in our social accounts specially in the facebook page.

However, after serving so many studious person in last 4 years, we come out with a better solution by brainstorming to make this platform more closer to scholarship seekers. As a result, we have decided to move to new technologies that’s lead the web industry.

Our engineering team has intellectually agreed to move from Wordpress to Laravel that follow the latest trend in the tech industry. Additionally, the structure of the entire platform has been reshuffled.

My intention is to tell you in few posts that why did we plan to re-write and how do we provide almost same types of information to knowledge seekers from the re-written platform.

Besides, I will show you some code structure, some real life example that how to improve code based, and so on. Hope you will enjoy this.