Happy New Year

2 years ago


Just welcoming a new year today. 2020 is the most expected year almost everyone around me. Like me, people have so many expectations with 2020. So, here is my new year resolution for 2020.

Resolution for 2020

I have divided my resolution into a few categories.


  • I will increase my official performance by 30% better than in 2019.
  • Focus on VueJS more.
  • Publish my first laravel package and maintain it.
  • Actively focus on leading the team.


  • I will be engaged with the local Laravel Community.
  • Attain to the community meetUp.
  • Contribute more to the Laracasts forum.


  • Praying regularly.
  • Be healthy.
  • Get married.
  • Wake up early.
  • Involve with Physical Activities (i.e. Badminton, Cricket, Cycling).
  • Be kind, soft and polite.

Of course, there are a lot more in this list especially in the personal category, however, I just write down the top-listed points.