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Hello. I’m Thouhedul Islam. Some people also know me as Suchi.

I am a Full-stack Developer. I love to play with PHP especially Laravel, JavaScript, MySql, and the latest web technology. Currently, I am working for GLEIF as my day time job.

At night I love to solve problems for the community. I love to be active at Laracasts.

Latest Articles

Docker for Beginners

2 years ago
Hello Docker is becoming one of the essential parts for developers nowadays. Many companies are personally using docker for maintaining the same development environment in production and local....

Laravel Tumblr API Integration

2 years ago
Tumblr is one of the famous microblogging and social networking website. If you are a fan of Tumblr and planning to use its [official API]( In this post, I mainly...

How to add new columns to the existing table in Laravel migration

2 years ago
Sometimes it is required to add new columns in Laravel tables. Today I will show you how to add new column or columns to the existing table in Laravel migration. Imagine that, you have a table c...

Laravel migrate failed to open stream: No such file or directory

2 years ago
Hello If you are having issue of Laravel migrate failed to open stream: No such file or directory, then this post might be helpful for you. Currently, I have the same issue. Let me tell you how d...

How to get all commit list of Github repo

2 years ago
You might need to get all the commit lists of a github repo. In that case, you can get the list of the commit of a repo in different command. May be you can try- ``` git log --reflog ``` O...

Laravel Class env does not exist

2 years ago
Sometimes, there is an error in Laravel called Class env does not exist specially when you are trying to do PHP unit test on any specific class. In that case, although your test is right, however, it...

How do we rewrite Sclrship?

2 years ago
[ Sclrship]( is one of the scholarships information providing website that has launched in 2014. Since the beginning, **Sharmin** (CEO & co-founder), me (co-founder) and our team...

Laravel use PUT or PATCH in Postman

2 years ago
If you are developing any API endpoint where you need to build an endpoint for updating record, the first choose in your mind will come to use either put or patch. However, using put or patch as a htt...

How to add extra values in Laravel Request

2 years ago
Laravel request is the way to fetch user's form data. By default, whatever you have written in the form, you are able to receive the data via Laravel Request. The normal procedure is- ```php f...

How to use Slug in Laravel Factory

3 years ago
Today, I would love to show you a handy trick that, how to use Slug in the Laravel Factory. It's easy that you can call `$faker->sentence` to generate a sentence. However, making slug from that faker...