Hello. I’m Thouhedul Islam. Some people also know me as Suchi.

I am a Full-stack Developer. I love to play with PHP specially Laravel, JavaScript, MySql and latest web technology. Currently I am working for CartX as my day time job.

At night I love to solve problem for community. I am quite active at Laracasts

Macbook Update PHP Version Globally

Jul 24, 2019
If you are using MacBook and you want to update your current PHP version, it might be troublesome for you in some cases. There are [many ways](http://laravel-school.com/posts/how-to-upgrade-php-versio...
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How to use php array_sum() function?

Jul 21, 2019
In PHP, there is a built-in function called **[array_sum()](https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.array-sum.php)**. Normally **array_sum()** help to sum all the elements in an array. Today, I will sh...
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Learning PHPUnit | Part 1

Jul 19, 2019
I was planning to write a few articles about **PHP Unit** for the beginner. Today, finally I got a chance to do that. In this series of article, I am going to show you how to use PHP Unit in PHP for t...
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